Why should I donate?

Each donation allows us to expand the resources of this website, including: interactive maps, advocacy toolkits, calendar of important meetings, chart of key contacts, and more. Without your help, we won’t be able to make this site the ultimate resource for bike paths in SLO County.

Why are you focusing on these three paths?

They are listed as high priorities on the SLO County Bikeways Plan and are intended to connect our local towns, creating a vibrant regional path network for users aged 8 to 80 to enjoy.

What about project “X”?

Connect SLO County aims to complete the three major regional paths throughout San Luis Obispo County. Other projects are still moving forward, and we are still involved in advocating for their completion.

Doesn’t the SLO County Bicycle Coalition already advocate? How is this any different?

The Connect SLO County initiative allows us to focus some of our advocacy efforts to complete the bike paths we love and know are good for our county.

By helping us with this initiative, you can make our advocacy efforts more effective and sophisticated.

Once our fundraising efforts allow us to, you can access loads of information to be a part of the efforts: download our advocacy toolkit to learn how to have your voice heard when asking for these paths, view our interactive maps to see details of the paths, easily find information to contact our local officials and build even more support for these paths, and more…!

Will funds donated to Connect SLO County be used for construction of these paths?

No, funds will be used to expand the ability to advocate for approval of paths and to help local jurisdictions access federal and state grant funding for completion of these paths.

Where does this information about these paths come from?

Currently, information about the paths and their progress is stuck in the depths of local governmental websites and hundred page pdf documents. With your donation, we will be able to continue to pull out relevant information and make it much easier for you to find the updates you are looking for.