North Coast

Surrounded by the legendary cliffs of Big Sur to the north and glamorous surf beaches to the south, our local coastline is essential to the character of San Luis Obispo County.

Highway One north of San Luis Obispo City is a designated National Scenic Byway and draws tens of thousands of visitors from around the world to the area every year. Sadly, visitors and locals don’t experience the hot Santa Ana winds, ocean smells, and fascinating sea creatures when they drive through SLO County. The North Coast path will draw people out of their cars to play along our outstanding coastline, shop and dine at our local businesses, and enjoy a night’s stay in SLO County.

With initial studies out of the way, the North Coast path is an immediate opportunity for expanding access to our incredible coastline. Creating a mutli-use path adjacent to Highway One will make it so that everyone, from an eight-year-old child to an eighty-year-old grandmother, can experience the coast in the same way that racing cyclists do now. The North Coast path will remind parents, kids, and leisure seekers that San Luis Obispo County is the right active family friendly destination for them.

Help Connect SLO County today to complete our bike paths.

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