SLO County Bikeways Plan

SLO County has a lot of great things in their 2010 Updated County Bikeways Plan, as put together by the County Bicycle Advisory Committee. The goal of the Bicycle Advisory Committee is to:

…promote the expanded use of bicycle transportation by working together with County staff to develop the County Bikeways Plan, reviewing the Plan and presenting a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors for its adoption; by reviewing the policies and programs related to bicycling in the Circulation Element of the County General Plan and Local Coastal Plan and making recommendations on the goals and their implementation to the Board of Supervisors.

With this in mind, they have identified major bikeway improvements and projects throughout San Luis Obispo County that are important, including all three of the paths we are advocating for with Connect SLO County. We aim to bring these projects back onto the radars of our local leaders, with the hopes of completing them sooner than later. They are in our plans, our residents want them, our visitors want them, and they are good for San Luis Obispo County.

Each donation helps us seriously increase our advocacy efforts and help these paths move out of the plans, and into reality. The San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club will match every dollar donated, doubling the impact of your contribution! Connect SLO County is the best way we can amplify local support for the completion of these paths, and we look forward to sharing our successes, stories and resources with you in the future.

You can read the 2010 Update here, and view the associated maps/projects here.

Bob Jones planned route is shown as the thick green line. The thin green line is existing.

San Luis Obispo is planned to have multiple connectors. The thick green line is planned bike paths connecting to the city.

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