Bob Jones Path Update – January 2013

We are all very excited to see the Bob Jones Trail project progress as we anxiously await the public release of the completed Environmental Impact Report. Good news is on the way. Comments made by County staff today indicate that the administrative draft of the report is being reviewed by the County, will be returned to the consultants for comment integration, and should be released to the public by March.
After being released to the public, community members will have extensive opportunities to engage by providing comments that will impact the final draft EIR and the project overall. A public review period of between 45 and 60 days will take place before the preparation of the final draft and formal public hearings. Specific meetings will be held with the various community groups, followed by hearings with the County Parks and Recreation Commission and finally the County Board of Supervisors.
Please stay tuned for updates regarding opportunities for engagement, links to the EIR, and more. Thank you for your voice in helping complete our bike paths.

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