Octagon Barn Trailhead: Brainstorming Session

As we await final EIR (Environmental Impact Report) work on the trail plan (now underway), the Friends of The Bob Jones Trail will continue to refine plans for amenities we would like to enjoy at the Octagon Barn Trailhead Center. Please join our planning team and help create a community resource we can all use and enjoy.
Next step: Please come learn about existing plans, site opportunities and constraints & start brainstorming ideas on Thursday 19 June from 5:307:30 at the Octagon Barn on South Higuera.
Snacks will be provided. Please wear heavy shoes for a site walk.

For more information on the Octagon Barn, please go to: http://lcslo.org/project/octagon-barn/

For more on the Bob Jones trail, go to:  https://connectslocounty.org/category/bob-jones-path/


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