What is Connect SLO County?

Connect SLO County aims to complete the 3 main bike paths that our cities have been planning for years:

  • Bob Jones – Connecting San Luis Obispo to Avila Beach
  • De Anza – Connecting San Miguel to Santa Margarita… and Pismo Beach to San Luis Obispo
  • North Coast – Connecting Cayucos to Morro Bay

Connect SLO County addresses the question of how to make San Luis Obispo a county that is easy to shop, live, work and play in while also preserving our unique towns and commercial districts. By designing our county’s bike network for everyone, from an eight-year-old child to an eighty-year-old grandmother, we can provide inviting and safe door-to-door access to shop, commute and play by bicycle.

Already, huge and growing numbers of diverse SLO County residents are riding bicycles, thanks to improvements like the Morro St Bike Boulevard in San Luis Obispo, colored bike lanes in Paso Robles and Cayucos, events like May’s Bike Month, and Bicycle Coalition program offerings like the Bike Kitchen, Bike Ed, and more — it’s clear that more SLO County residents want to safely get around by bicycle. These paths aim to connect these people with the ability to choose a bicycle more often.

Connect SLO County builds on this demand and envisions the completion of these major bike paths, which will help a growing population of SLO County residents and visitors to ride bicycles more often. Carefully designed bike paths that are physically separated from vehicles will help everyone from you, your boss, your neighbor’s child or your mother-in-law to feel comfortable and safe biking throughout SLO County.

Here in SLO County, we pride ourselves on our amazing quality of life, access to nature, unique small-town environments, and active lifestyles. Riding bicycles is integral to fostering the active lifestyle and local economies throughout the county. To feed our quality of life and open it up to more people in the county, we need to invest to Connect SLO CountyLearn more about the paths.

This website is where you’ll find the most up to date information regarding these projects, what the next part of the process is, and how you can get involved. Donate today to help us continue to advocate for and move forward these projects, so that the present and future residents of SLO County can enjoy them!


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