De Anza Path Update

The northern portion of the Anza path continues to move forward, making incredible strides during the summer of 2012 through construction and planning.

The City of Paso Robles has begun construction of the River Walk Gap Closure connecting already completed segments of path along South River Road between Navajo Avenue and 13th Street. The San Luis Obispo Council of Governments provided $1.1 million in federal grant funds for construction. Once connected, the segments will complete 1.3 miles of continuous paths featuring benches, lighting, and informational signage.

The San Luis Obispo Tribune has provided some coverage while more info will continue to be presented on upon completion.

In order to move forward on the entire Anza project, featuring 35 connected miles of separated multi-use paths along the Salinas River corridor in northern San Luis Obispo County additional planning is necessary to garner community feedback and anticipate challenges. As of August 1 2012, the San Luis Obispo Council of Governments started a contract with KTU+A Planning and Landscape Architects to prepare the Northern San Luis Obispo County Salinas River Corridor Anza Trail Master Plan. Public workshops will begin in September and continue throughout 2013, as the plan is prepared. PMC and Rick Engineering are local subcontractors on the project.

We will be sure to inform you about upcoming public workshops, and encourage you to attend to help shape the future of this wonderful path.

For more information:
The City of Paso Robles has made updates regarding the Salinas River Corridor available online here. See images from construction online here!


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